Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday Single: T.S.O.L.-"I Wanted To See You"

Rise Records

Available on both iTunes and Amazon, "I Wanted To See You" is a brand new single from the upcoming T.S.O.L. album, "The Trigger Complex". It finds ageless front-man Jack Grisham in pristine form and just like the cult So Cal band responsible for it's creation and performance it defies easy categorization. Formed back in 1978 in Long Beach, California, T.S.O.L (True Sounds of Liberty) originally started out as a punk rock band, but over the years this group's sound took many different forms. Along with goth rock/deathrock, art punk, and horror punk, T.S.O.L. has spent time as a hard rock/heavy metal outfit. This veteran band has also seen plenty of line-up changes over the years. It is a very long story better left for another time and place, but at one point in time this politically-inclined act didn't even feature any of it's original members! How crazy is that!! Thankfully "The Trigger Complex" (which will be the group's 11th studio album!) looks as if it will bring everything back around to beginning and offer some new life to this well-deserving outfit. As hinted at in the official video posted right below this bit, "I Wanted To See You" points toward that possible outcome. But is it alt-rock or is it post-punk heavy rock? Is it closer to the (early) emo scene or is just T.S.O.L. doing what they do best? Take a listen to this cool single and judge for yourself.  With "The Trigger Complex" due out on January 29th, the very slick "I Wanted To See You" could just be the start of T.S.O.L. getting it's proper due. For their sake I really do hope that's the case.

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