Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Singles: Zig Zags-"Ripping Death B/W Riddle Of Steel"

Famous Class Records

Mostly punk and somewhat metal, L.A.'s Zig Zags (Jed, Dane, and Caleb) released this ass kicking single back in the middle of February. It was actually "Riddle Of Steel" with it's garage thrash take on (vintage) raw metal that sold me on the notion, but the frantic "Ripping Death" is just as righteous. After picking the pair up on iTunes I promptly went and downloaded about a dozen plus more tracks by this distinctly loud & proud trio. Thanks to the influence of everything from British punk to South American thrash, Zig Zag's back catalog covers a lot of ground. For people like me (IE: those of us who keep CDs from Ramones and Motörhead sandwiched in-between G.B.H. and Slayer) that's a damn fine thing....

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