Sunday, March 16, 2008

Billion Dollar Babies-Stand your ground


Sweden's Billion Dollar Babies have released a four song CD that sounds very much like it could have been recorded between about 1989 and 1992. The opener "Nineteent nintie four" is a mid-tempo, slightly gritty track that reminds me musically of a cross between Skid Row and early LA Guns. This song plunges ahead and serves well enough as an energetic opener. The second song "Restless Minds" slows things down some and the build-up plus the radio friendly choruses have me thinking of late 1980's Aeromsith. The title track is up next and the band pick up the pace from the previous track, but this one also reminds me of late 80's Aerosmith. This might be the tightest track on the album though as everything falls into place very well here. The closer "We don't live forever" storms on with with a basic, but catchy main riff. This one might be the closest the band comes to establishing their own sound. It does sound very much like it could have been done back in hard rock's prime, but it's supremely solid. They move the pace around with ease and they handle the whole song with a great deal of flair and a good sense of detail. Actually Billion Dollar Babies have some good hooks all throughout this album and the vocals fit in just fine. I really like the potential I hear from this band and would very much be interested in hearing what they could turn out when they get around to doing a full length album.

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