Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Interview with Thor and Steve Price

Vocalist Thor has been at it for a long time belting out solid metal anthems and performing with his elaborate stage show. I recently got to interview Thor and guitarist Steve Price to find out more about the new album and their plans for the near future.

MM-Tell us some about your new album “Into The Noise”.

THOR: The album is a concept album. Story-telling. Many years ago Warriors in various cultures would gather around the campfire and tell tales of battle. Maybe they would have the minstrel play an instrumental as a segue into the tale of battle for that day. They could also sing about Sex and Love or narrate a story about bringing down a vicious creature while hunting, also about new beginnings as well as the end of the world. There would be instrumentals and there would be songs.
This album is a modern version of that story telling.

STEVE: It is one the best records of have done with some great new players

MM-How is it similar and how is it different from your previous efforts?

STEVE: You tell me?

THOR: I think that it’s something special that Steve Price and Mike Kischnick play guitar together on this album. I consider them astounding guitar players. The best in the world! Steve Price toured with me in the 80's throughout Europe. We had #1 hits together in the UK with “Thunder On The Tundra” as well recording a huge selling album called "Only The Strong". Mike Kischnick has toured with me in 2003 and 2006 and we have recorded songs together for the "Triumphant", "Beastwomen" albums as well as "Devastation Of Musculation". So to have them both perform on the new cd "Into The Noise" in this modern age is a BIG treat for me.

MM-What has been the response to the album so far?

THOR: Absolutely amazing. Sales are going through the roof.

STEVE: Great! We sold out the first pressing in 3 weeks.

MM-How do you come to get signed with Sudden Death records? How has that relationship been so far?

STEVE: Great they have done a lot to help.

THOR: Joe Keithley, the president of SDR Records, is a legend himself. He is the leader of the world famous DOA. He knows both sides of the industry both as a performer and as an executive. We are great friends. He thought the album was fantastic and wanted to release it along with Fathom Records in Florida.

MM-Steve Price has a Guitar Challenge contest going on. Can you tell us the details on that and how did you come up with the idea to do that as a contest?

STEVE: I guess It’s just supposed to be fun. Jon and I love to play music with our fans!

THOR: The song "Berserker" - an instrumental by the incredible Steve Price - is unbelievable. I doubt that anyone will match it note for note. We thought it would be great to come up with a fun contest that shows extreme musical talent.

MM-Have you had many entries for the contest yet?

THOR: Yes, many thousands have entered.

MM-What are your touring plans for this year? Any possibility of playing any festivals in the Summer?

THOR: We are only going to be doing events. We have a huge show March 5 in Vancouver followed by March 8 at Slims in San Francisco with ArnoCorps.
Then it’s on to San Jose and 3 Big shows in Florida ending the first leg in Miami. We have a new CD coming out on Ektro Records in Europe and North America called "Live In Detroit" a re-release. So we will be doing special events, Festivals in North America and Europe.

STEVE: Yes, the U.S. and maybe U.K., Ireland, and Germany.


MM-Tell us some about your spots on MTV Canada? How did that come about?

THOR: They asked me to shoot some segments as an advice guru. So we shot the scenes in Toronto.

MM-If someone came up to you and said they had never heard any of your albums and they could only afford to buy one then which one would you recommend to them?

THOR: Into The Noise.

STEVE: Into The Noise.

MM-How do you think the metal scene has changed over the last say twenty years?

THOR: It’s become more underground. In the early 80's and into 1987 Metal was prominent on the airwaves and more mainstream. Now on the radio mainly hip hop, rap and pop is played. Metal still gets played on college stations and specialty shows.

STEVE: It seems to be very angry and the music is very intense - a lot of speed.

MM-Are you surprised that you are still recording and touring at this point in your career?

THOR: Yes. I am surprised. I am fortunate to be able to leap into the air and bend steel and wear a cape on stage. Music has kept me young over the years. I Love what I do for a living.

STEVE: No. We like it.

MM-Has recording and playing live gotten easier or more difficult for you over the years?

STEVE: Easier.

THOR: It has gotten much easier. I feel I have seasoned over the years as a performer. My voice has gotten stronger and I feel very comfortable on stage. I get a lot of energy from the fans who sing along and shout it out.

MM-What current bands do you like?

STEVE: Not sure.

THOR: ArnoCorps, Black Mountain, Angus Kahn and The Blue Ticks.

MM-You have always been known for your stage show. Do you still bring the hammer on stage and what else do you currently do at your live show?

THOR: We have an incredible show! The hammer shoots lightning bolts, I do multiple costume and mask changes. We have dancing Valkyrie girls and amazing songs and guitar playing.


MM-Have you ever had a prop or something not go according to plan on stage?

THOR: Yes. One time I tried to blow up a truck innertube tire with my lungs. It kept getting larger and larger but wouldn't pop. It eventually became like THE Blob and expanded so huge it went into the crowd where I let it go like a deflated Zeppelin.

MM-Pick the band from the following pair that you prefer and tell why:

Twisted Sister or WASP

Gwar or Manowar

Rush or Triumph

Judas Priest or Ozzy

THOR: I like all these bands!

STEVE: The best metal ever along with Thor

MM-Is there anything else that you would like to say about your music or your band?

STEVE: Thor is one of the greatest frontmen ever!!

THOR: I look forward to seeing all THOR fans out there on our WORLD TOUR. Both Young and Old. I thank everyone for all the support over the years.

**Thanks to Thor and Steve for doing the interview.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a big THOR fan and have all his early releases incluiding singles/maxis on vinyls and some more resent albums on cds. JON have a big mouth but i still have a lot of respect for him because since the 70s he is kicking ass, our ass lol.
Great you did this interviu. HAIL TO YOUUUUUUU.

9:11 AM  

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