Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's coming up?

My daughter's birthday was this past week and it just happened that her preschool was going to the circus two days later. So we skipped doing a party this year and just kind of had the circus trip as her big birthday event. We all enjoyed going yesterday. Other than that I am trying to make it through reviewing items and trying to send out and reel back some interviews. So here is what I hope to have out this week.

Interviews with...
The devil and the sea

Reviews of...
Bullet for my valentine-Scream aim fire
Diamond Head-Borrowed Time and Canterbury re-issues (hopefully on the same day)

Lesser of two evils-This one might have a bit of a twist on it so tune in for this segment for sure.

I might even put out a Clash of the album covers if I can get to it.

***Lately I was thinking about younger hard rock/metal bands and it just seems like there are good bands coming out of UK and Europe lately or perhaps they have been there for a while and I just didn't notice. Anyway it's been three years since my favorite album of the year came from an American band (that was Acid King in 2005). However, I do think the best album so far in 2008 is from an American band ( that would be Byzantine) . So are American hard rock/metal bands slipping or other countries just clobbering us these days or what?

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