Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Eruptors-Microwave Massacre

Fixing a Hole

If you thought music had gotten too calm and dull then rejoice because the Eruptors have returned to pull from the pits of boredom. Okay, granted these guys were not and still are not pursuing anything that has not been explored in music, but in this case that doesn't matter.
What we have here is a "limited edition compilation of rarities, EP and album tracks". At least that's what it says on their Myspace page. It's a fast moving, heavy sucker chock full of churning riffs and healthy doses of fun and nonsense. This is a chaotic monster that reminds me of a mix of Motorhead, A.O.D, New Bomb Turks, early Angry Samoans and other crazy stuff. It didn't even matter that I had heard a few of these songs before because the tracks just ran me over and kept charging on. They don't hesitate very often as they very sure of where they are heading and they just go. With song titles like "Whoregazm" and "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" you know this isn't going to be rocket science. However if you want to hear about zombies, aliens and the like then you are in the right place for that and more. I only have one real complaint about this album. There are times when the Erupters bring some psycho surf guitars into play and quite honestly I wish they would do that more often because really know to handle it and work it in. All in all this is just more good times with a band who knows to deliver high octane, metal/punk/garage rock madness.


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Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Microwave Massacre was a pretty bad horror flick from the eighties as well, which I'm sure comes as a surprise

4:46 PM  

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