Sunday, October 25, 2009

The few against many-SOT


The band includes a number of people who have been members of Incapacity and/ or Torchbearer. This is melodic death metal that is fortunately done the correct way. Which means rather than toning down the death metal elements they instead promote them proudly, but toss in enough melodies to compliment the overall sound. The guitars are thick and the rhythm section is very much in your face as well. The stellar production is a large part of this, but this certainly helps to establish the bands credibility right away. They quickly create just the right balance between being catchy and being heavy. The keyboards are well done as they actually sound like a 70's prog-rock style which fit sin nicely with the guitar style. There were times where I wished they would have opened up the bursts of speed a little more. I think if they had it would actually expanded their music. What is here was easy to enjoy, but there were moments where I felt like they were sticking too tightly to one pace and some variation would have helped. Still it's a great start.

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