Monday, October 26, 2009

Sister-Deadboys making noise


The last time I heard Sister was probably almost two years ago when I checked out some of the songs on their Myspace page. I remember them sounding and looking somewhat like early Motley Crue. Flash forward to earlier this year and the band has changed their look and an EP was in the works. There were some delays in the release, but I opened my mail box the other day and there it was. I raced home and slapped it into the stereo and was abruptly kicked in the head by "Too bad for you". A real go for the throat kind of song. So then I figured they would tone down then because almost all glam bands feel the need to stick in the mandatory ballad or toss in a few mid-paced fillers. Didn't happen on track on two as "D.E.AD." blasted forward without hesitation. In fact track 3 "Crash, Boom, Bang" and track 4 "When you fall" follow in similar style as Sister make no attempt to hold back. In fact it wasn't until track five "Body blow" that the pace slows, don't presume that this meant that they were showing signs of weakness. If anything this one of the heaviest tracks on the disc. So they changed gears, but kept the force behind the music going strong and steady. The last two listed songs "Top of the line" and "I don't mind if you"have the band still pounding out driving beats and tearing it up. In fact the only slow entry is an unlisted track called “Chop the Top” that comes on at the end of the disc. It's a hazy sounding track that sounds more like half-hearted, drunken jam than anything. Still it works and fits in with their attitude. The overall sound of Sister's EP reminded me at times of Crashdiet particularly in the vocals, but these guys are heavier than that. Nothing totally original going on here, but the enthusiasm and the power behind these songs is what kept my attention. Easily one of the best hard rock releases of the year so far.

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