Saturday, May 07, 2011

Alestorm-Back through time



Just the other day I was thinking that "I could really use some Scottish Pirate metal about now". Okay, I wasn't thinking that exactly but after hearing the new one from Alestorm maybe that should have been my thought. I knew of this band, but this is the first album I have heard from them. Combining power metal with folk elements works nicely as a backdrop for Alstorm's tales of the seven seas, buccaneers and drinking songs. I always enjoyed Running Wild, but never really thought metal needed another pirate themed act, but perhaps I was wrong. On tracks like "Swashbuckled", "The sunk'n Norweigian" and "Buckfast Powersmash" this band does a fine job of combining power metal with folk elements enough to keep their tracks exciting. The "arghh, Matey" tone of the vocals might get on your nerves after a whiel, but I suppose they try to keep in character for the whole album. Is the pirate angle a gimmick or just a theme? Probably both, but the bottom line is that I enjoy the new album and if concentrating on scurvy dogs and walking planks works then so be it.

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Blogger The Klepto said...

Damn I need to get this album. I love this group!!

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