Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Backslider/Nimbus Terrifix


Give Praise

This split 7" features Backslider from Philadelphia and Nimbus Terrifix from Scranton. Backslider's side of the album mixes explosive, but short bursts with longer drone type passages. They handle both styles well even the transitions between the tempos is tight. I love the deep tones on their slower parts too. Actually no complaints on this band except I wish that there was more than five and a half minutes. Nimbus Terrifix feature screaming hardcore vocals over frequently chaotic and choppy blasts not unlike earlt C.O.C or DRI. The few times the band slows down you can hear that they are capable of knocking out some brief, but impressive grooves. Nimbus Terrifix were likable as well although I could definitely see myself listening to Backslider more often because the sound was more varied. A good 7" for fans of old style hardcore and grindcore.

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