Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beer Corpse-Keg Nuts


Give Praise

This 7" from Australian thrash/grind/noise act Beer Corpse is short, but certainly not sweet. The put ten tracks on this 7", but most are so short they didn't even have to work to cram them on. The music is generally late 80's style thrash with a only a few moments where they step it up to a grindcore level. Honestly they handle both styles with ease and the sound is big and beefy with sharp cuts and skull pounding beats. The problem for me was that the vocals are barely audible groans that sound like someone trying to speak through a gag while holding mouthful of peanut butter. The music had me hooked quickly, but even after playing this album three times the vocals just seemed more distracting than anything else. Good grindcore vocals can be noisy, but still hit you hard and add to the overall sound. However here the vocals just don't add much of anything.

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