Thursday, April 28, 2011

Primordial-Redemption at Puritan's hand

Metal Blade

Ireland's Primordial have been making music for a long time and that experience shows up once again on their latest effort. Their blend of folk and black metal is very polished, but they are certainly very much in control of every aspect they are creating. This epic style metal with rapid fire pace changes and not a track clocks in under the six minute mark. They are not afraid to let loose with beastly blasts whenever the mood strikes them. There is no mistaking that this band succeeds very well at creating a real atmosphere so often. Also they are confident and skilled enough in what they are doing to change the feel of the song as they see fit. I could definitely hear and admire these traits. However what holds this album back to some extent is that frequently the band gets involved in some long, repetitive passages and they tend really bog down the flow and almost verge on being dull. It only happens for a brief period, but it was definitely noticeable on a few occasions. Still a pretty exciting album with plenty to explore on it.

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