Monday, April 25, 2011

Sourvein-Black Fang

Candlelight Records

North Carolina-based Sourvein was formed in 1993 by vocalist/guitarist T-Roy Medlin. A sludge doom band, Sourvein have released three full length albums,a EP, split recordings with Buzzov’en, Bongzilla, Rabies Caste and Church of Misery as well as having contributed to the Eyehategod tribute album For The Sick.In fact musically the band is in the same ballpark as Eyehategod. So far T-Roy Medlin has remained the only original member left over from the group's formation. Black Fang is quality sludge doom perfect for those dark, rainy days. Not much more to say other than if bands like Eyehategod, Buzzov'en, St.Vitus and Electric Wizard are your bread and butter then Sourvein's Black Fang will appeal. The band should score extra points as well for the album cover which is sickly sensual.


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