Friday, April 22, 2011

Interview with Intervention

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Finland's one and only thrash band Intervention.

Andy-Would you introduce yourselves and tell me how Intervention came about and what made you choose your name?

Intervention-Intervention is a thrash metal band from Rovaniemi, Finland. First we had a Megadeth cover band but as we wanted to start working on our own material Intervention was born. It was 2007. We were a 5-piece band a long time, but now we have only one guitarist. Line-up today is: Tuomo Marttinen - vocals, Johannes Leipälä - guitars, Joni Lehto - bass and ville Alakörkkö - drums. We were trying to came up with a good band name, which is pretty hard nowadays. Juho, our other guitarist back then came up with some alterations of Slayer's Divine Intervention, and suddenly we just thought that we should just drop all the other words and simply use Intervention. That's a good solid band name, short enough and easy to remember.

Andy-Who are your biggest influences and how would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard Intervention?

Intervention- All of us have a very different musical taste. But to mention some names Intervention is most influenced on musically, we have to say Megadeth, Testament, Pantera, Slayer. Good old big thrash band, you know. But of course there are a lot of other bands we like to listen and all of them affect on us on some way, naturally. Intervention can be said to sound like a some sort of combination of Testament, Megadeth etc. with touches of death metallish elements thrown in to add some variations.

Andy-What is the metal scene like in Finland these days? Is there much of a scene for more thrash oriented groups?

Intervention-The scene in Finland is huge, one can say. There's so much unsigned bands around.

Andy-What does the future hold for you guys? Any label interest at all?

Intervention- We have had some interest from some labels, but nothing official yet. We will keep on thrashing, writing good metal music and playing gigs whenever we can.

Andy-What was the biggest (size wise) crowd you guys played for?

Intervention-We haven't played that many gigs yet, but we will play as much as we can. It is the best part of this thing, you know. Our biggest gig must be the one at the Club Teatria (Oulu) when we were opening for Swallow the Sun, a finnish death/doom metal band.

Andy-If you could play with any band who would it be?

Intervention-This is a hard one. It must be one of those big thrash bands already mentions on this interview. Anything like that would be just great!

Andy-When your not creating mosh pits with your insane music what are you guys doing? Any day jobs?

Intervention-Tuomo and Johannes are students, Joni and Ville are working. You have to have a job to get the bills paid, as playing in a small band like Intervention doesn't pay your bills. Of course it would be awesome if it would. Let's see maybe one day it will.

Andy-Any last words for all the metal fans out there?

Intervention- Check out our music at and keep it metal!

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