Thursday, April 21, 2011



The brotherhood of heavy metal knows no color or language. There are no class restrictions. When your together thrashing madly it becomes a universal cause. A chance to stand together and tell the world we will not be silenced. Here in America we might take that for granted. Even in most of Europe the freedom musicians enjoy is pretty great. I'd wager that being in metal bands in Iran posses more challenges than you and I could even imagine. Granted Iraq would be worse but that is beside the point. SOASHYANT formed in 2004 and went through numerous line-up changes from what I've read before finally settling on a steady line-up. Musically the band is a mash-up of various genres although it all comes through as power metal/thrash. In their music you hear bits of Bay Area Thrash, Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Motorhead and European power metal (Helloween/Gamma Ray). As most of it is in their native language commenting of their lyrics is impossible. What does come through in translation though is their talent to write inspiring thrash rock numbers. Thier version of thrash is fun and catchy. Maybe not out to change the world thrash but rather change thier own part of the world metal. Listening to groups like SOASHYANT makes you realize just how much the scene has grown and how far reaching heavy metal has become. Worth tracking down a copy.


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