Monday, April 18, 2011

Mark Deutrom-The Value Of Decay

Southern Lord

In some way I thought it would be harder for me to wrap my head around The Value Of Decay the solo album from Mark Deutrom. Maybe I've just forgotten my own past among all the young punks of my teens. Too much metal has gone into my veins lately and honestly this was a nice exercise walking the road less traveled. Since Mark Deutrom did play with the Melvins (as their bass player) there is certainly some of that style of doom to be found here along with all the random bits of weirdness and samples. This is nothing as offbeat as the Butthole Surfers or anything just some after hours craziness to get your juices going. This is actually the fourth solo release from Mark who is an elder of the noise scene. In addition to his time spent with the Melvins Deutrom helped found West Coast hardcore act Clown Alley in 1985. He is also a well known producer having worked with not only the Melvins ( Ozma and Gluey Porch Treatments LPs) but also RKL's Rock n Roll Nightmare LP, Raw Power's Mine To Kill and Too Tough to Burn albums and Neurosis' excellent Pain Of Mind release.Somewhere in between his time playing with the Melvins and his duties as a producer he became a co-founder of Alchemy Records. Presently Deutrom can be found playing with The County Bucks. Back to his The Value Of Decay album though and for better or worse what you have here is 15 tracks that range from random weirdness/noise ("Darksider") to 70's inspired fuzz doom ("Buried In the Jewel"). When things get going like on "Victor's Closet" I'm reminded of not only the Melvins but also some of Mike Watt's solo work. Like I said earlier from Mark's reputation I expected this one to be out there more. Thankfully it wasn't too much of a stretch and if fits nicely in with other Southern Lord bands. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how "Cities Of Gold" flirts with psychedelic doom and how "Empire Sands" is over eight minutes of noise/doom and how much I enjoyed both. Melvins fans as well as doom and/or noise freaks would do well to check this one out.


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