Sunday, April 17, 2011

USX-The valley path



This album from North Carolina's consists of one track that clocks in a little under forty minutes. Don't let the track influence your opinion, just turn on the disc, sit back and follow the journey. What a journey it is because it doesn't take long to realize that USX have carved, paved and plotted a slow, steady and amazing course for this song. The is dark psychedelia that revolves around very deliberately paced beats and sullen guitar riffs. Many of the parts are surprisingly basic, but it's the writing and placement that makes this track so unbelievably amazing. Obviously the band don't worry about the time, they just keep moving forward and they are masters of making repetition work for them. The moods flow with ups and downs as well. Plenty of singular notes bring the mood down, but slowly turning passages soon emerge and pull you along in a different direction. This album manages to sound immense without being overwhelming. Truly an album with so much to offer. Highly recommended.

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