Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Self Release

Traverse City, Michigan plays host to The Traverse City Film Festival (founded by every one's favorite filmmaker and activist Michael Moore) every summer. I'm wondering if that kind of environment has anything to do with the amount of animosity you can sense in Stilllife? I know if I had to see Michael Moore every summer break I'd be angry and anti-everything as well. Formed initially as a Metallica/Iron Maiden cover band (more on those two later) the band is fronted by brothers Eric (Vocals, Guitar)and Nate (Bass) Charbonneau alongside another brother Jeremy (Drums). Guitarist Joe Melin rounds out the act. Written, recorded, and mixed by the band members themselves my first insight with Requiem was how much Eric Charbonneau sounded like a water downed James Hetfield. I'm not sure if that is what he was going for or not it just seems interesting that they started off doing Metallica covers because he has that same sort of sound going on in his voice. It is interesting that today of all days Metal Mark choose to visit Metallica's ... And Justice For All because that's a good starting point for thier influence from the sounds of Requiem. Maybe go with some Queensrÿche and Fates Warning (and obviously early Iron Maiden as well) and you've got a good idea where Stilllife come from. "Fruit of the Fallen Tree" takes a crack at the plate and offers up some of that Justice era Metallica garage metal style while the instrumental "Directive Four" dissects "Number Of The Beast" and tries to put it back together with some "Peace Sells...". Not really the best way to superglue metal parts. That aside the group takes a stab at concept rock with the three part "Requiem"- "Part I: The Oracle", "Part II: The Vision" and "Part III: The Only Resolution". In this case saving the best for last as this three part number showcases the group's goal of playing inspired progressive power metal. Are they there yet? Not really as there is a lot of work to be done. For a self-release though this shows a promising start. With work and guidance they could do it. Find out more at:


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