Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Concrete Force-Mental Enforcers

Blower Records

Mental Forces was a 2008 demo first before getting the royal treatment (which among other things meant the addition of two new songs) and a re-release in late 2010. That didn't stop me from checking the sell by date a few times. 2008 really? Not 1998 or even 1988? It's not that this is spoiled metal that sounds dated. More than anything this Greece thrash band just sounds like they came from the Bay Area and lived the same scene as Metallica, Exodus, Heathen and Testament. Mostly Metallica although the drums reminded me of the late great Chris Witchhunter (Christian Dudeck)(R.I.P. 7th September 2008, Liver failure) and his work in Sodom. The most interesting fact about this band that was formed in 1999 is that there is only two guys at work here- Jim Stournaras (All vocals/instruments) and Nick Huber - Lead Guitars. Honestly this sounds like a full force band at work here. These guys thrash hard and heavy. Even if this disc does sound over 25 years old it somehow still sounds fresh and modern (or at least like late 90s thrash). I made the mistake of listening to this one in the car and I could have easily have gotten a ticket with the way I found myself speeding along and thrashing. Talk about speed freak metal! Let us all hope that this is only the first step for Concrete Force. Thrash fans young and old must check this one out!


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