Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crucified Mortals-Crucified Mortals

Hells Headbangers

Crucified Mortals' self-titled release feels like it fell out of space and time and somehow found its way into Hells Headbangers' hands. It's mission statement? Keep on thrashing in the free world while you've got it. Formed back in 2001 by former Nunslaughter bassist Craig “Reaper” Horval the group have already released numerous demos and split albums. Underground favorite in their hometown of Cleveland (thanks to their unapologetic style of eighties thrash worship!) Crucified Mortals owe their sound to groups like Slayer,At War,Carnivore,Dark Angel,Rigor Mortis,Sodom and Deathwish. More than anything though Slayer is an obvious starting point. My first thought playing this was Slayer (throw devil horns in the air here please!). No black metal like the other two Hells Headbangers releases I've reviewed. No death metal or modern metal either. Pure thrash. There remains a good reason why the group were regarded with awe by Ohio metal fans. Think thrash is dead? Obviously Crucified Mortals haven't heard or they just don't care. Why let bands like Municipal Waste have all the fun? Crucified Mortals play with an attitude while riding Slayer riffs to hell and back. A killer debut and one that shows that Crucified Mortals has only one way to go and that is up. Thrash fans owe it to themselves to track this one down.


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