Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shakra-Back On Track


Switzerland-based hard rock act Shakra have been trying for 14 years to break out of their native land and catch on with the mainstream rock scene. Since their last album Everest (which made its way to #4 on the Swiss album charts in 2009)the band have recruited new vocalist John Prakesh to take over for the departed Mark Fox. Back On Track continues the group's obsession with playing hard rock from the eighties. The only problem with that is its 2011. "MMTWGR", "Someday" and "Stronger Than Ever" being exceptions the rest of the album feels recycled of old Bon Jovi, Europe, Slaughter, Def Leppard and Kiss style 80's hard rock. Granted the band sounds good and the production (done by the band's own guitarist Thom Blunier) is stellar. It's just that of the 12 tracks here only the above 3 left much of impression. "Unspoken Truth" (as with the heavier "MMTWGR") has it's moments when it boarders on true traditional metal. It's just that there is a strong case of "I've heard that riff somewhere before" running through out it. If "Brand New Day" had been released it the late eighties (or even early nineties) it could have found heavy rotation on rock radio. Again though here we are in 2011 and hard rock is a hard sell. While wishing Shakra the best they just don't seem ready to take over the world.


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