Friday, April 29, 2011

American Speedway-A Bigger Boat

Prophase Records

Beer drinking punk and roll band American Speedway hail from the Philadelphia-area and have already made a splash with their hit single "One Foot In, One Foot Out". Back in the summer of 2008 the song ended up topping the charts on Sirius Satellite Radio's Punk Channel. They also charted on CMJ's Heavy Rock charts with their single "Ship of Fools" in November of 2008. "Ship of Fools" was the title track to their debut album released in January 2007. On "A Bigger Boat" the group (Michael Thursby Speedway - Guitar/Lead Vocals, Chris Callahan - Drums and Billy Angry - Bass/Vocals) is joined by Lorraine "Dirty" McGurty (of all female metal band Wench) on lead guitar. Right off the bat McGurty proves her worth on the razor-sharp opener “Howl (Ya Doin?)”. Just like Dinosaur Jr. did when they blended classic rock and punk the band American Speedway mixes not only classic rock and punk but Motorhead and some AC/DC as well. Making it all the easier to compare the band to Motorhead is the fact that lead vocalist Mike Kerchner sounds for all the world like he could be an illegitimate son of Lemmy. Although it must be pointed out that Mike's voice doesn't have as much of a smokers edge. Back to the album though. When you see the promo picture of this band hanging out in a bar (all the while drinking Pabst!) it should tell you that something about where this is heading. Never taking themselves too seriously the band blasts out these fast (and short) numbers never overstaying their welcome. Its more like they came, they saw, they rocked out and then fled the scene before the cops can show! This is one fun listen and you can just tell that live American Speedway must be a fun show. Nothing trendy or hipster going on here. Great sopmore release!


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