Monday, May 02, 2011


AFM Records

Making your way past the eye sore of an album cover on Rev-Raptor Udo Dirkschneider sounds like his old self. There is hunger in his voice as he looks to prove that the new Accept has nothing on him! Joining him as usual is fellow ex-Accept guitarist Stefan Kaufmann. Since 1987 Udo has been fighting with fire and on this (his 13th full length studio album) that fire has reared itself in his belly. This is full tilt Udo Dirkschneider at his best. With "Leatherhead" and "Rock'N'Roll Soldiers" having already made an appearance on the Leatherhead EP we have tracks like the killer title track and "Renegade" pushing U.D.O. into hard edge power metal. "I Give As Good As I Get" is epic and an instant classic. "Dr. Death" is Udo and Stefan Kaufmann visiting Accept's old sound. "Terrorvision" and "Pain Man" are old fashioned heavy metal. No frills heavy metal in fact. "Fairy Tales Of Victory" is another heavy and epic number sounding very much like current state of European power metal. "True Born Winners" finds U.D.O. (the band) pushing and shoving their way through the crowd of current heavy metal bands. "Days Of Hope And Glory" is a great way to close off the album. Another stand and be counted metal moment. 13 songs for his 13th album and honestly Udo sounds as good as ever. Welcome back Udo we missed you.


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