Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soil of ignorance/Wadge


Give Praise

This split 7" features Canadian bands Soil of ignorance and Wadge. Soil of ignorance are up first and they play a sick style of brutal powergrindcore that will leave your ears ringing. What I liked about this band was that while firing ahead at a breakneck pace they still remembered the importance of actually being heavy which doesn't always happen in grindcore. Actually bringing some really heaviness to their music adds a real depth to their sound. Wadge are up next. Their tracks are longer and their is more of a thrash influence. The sound is aggressive yet choppy at times. The production on Wadge's songs is slightly muddy and I found myself adjusting the volume and holding my headphones on to try to hear the guitars like I thought I should. They have a very direct sound and waste no time on their songs. I preferred Soil of ignorance if I had choose between the two bands, but both bands will melt your ears so definitely a good package.

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