Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Deep Machine-Deep Machine EP

High Roller Records

For those of you not familiar with the story behind Deep Machine here is the short of it. A British heavy metal band formed in 1979 by guitarist Bob Hooker the band is known for being sort of this N.W.O.B.H.M. all-star band. During the early 80s the band was huge in London and were supposed to be the next big thing. With ties to bands like Angel Witch, E.F. Band, Tokyo Blade and Rogue Male the group could best be compared to American heavy metal band London ( whose members went on to play in such famous bands such as Mötley Crüe, Guns N' Roses, W.A.S.P. and Cinderella). This four song EP is in fact the group's 1981 demo recorded on 18th and 25th of January 1981 at Pathway Studios, London. It was intended as a means to market the band so they good hopeful get more gigs and of course a record deal. It would turn out to be the best of the three demos that Deep Machine would record and has gone on to be a cult classic. Who exactly played on this recording honestly I can't figure out. Members came and went and it is in fact for that reason that the band never went beyond these three demos! Never having a stable line-up did them in.My best guess is John Wiggins(Tokyo Blade, Lone Wolf, Battlezone) on guitar, Dave Orton bass, Rick Bruce (Angel Witch) drums and Roger Marsden (Angel Witch, E.F. Band, Nevadda Foxx) on vocals. Other notable future members included the likes of Kevin Heybourne (Angel Witch), Charlie Towler (Slam, Devil’s Candy, Straight Edge XFX and currently still with Deep Machine), Tony Harris (Strutt, Burn GBR), Paul Smith (Janine), Tony Smith (Strutt) and Steve Kingsley (Rogue Male). As one can see the bands that sprung up out of Deep Machine made more of a lasting impact then Deep Machine themselves. Now though after all these years away Deep Machine are back with a new line up featuring Lenny Baxter - Vocals (Gangland), Bob Hooker - Guitar, Nigel Martindale - Guitars (Fawl, Carnal Rites, Art Of war, Torn Angel), John "Johnny 57" Riley - Bass and Charlie Towler - Drums (XFX, Slam). Having signed a contract finally with High Roller Records the band's 1981 demo sees the light of day in a limited edition (only 500 copies, 150 x white vinyl + 350 x black vinyl, 4 page insert) form and all one can say is that it is about time! With only four tracks ( "Demon Preacher","Asylum"
,"Witchild" and "Deep Machine" ) to go by you'd expect that it would be hard to gather what the band had going for them but you'd be wrong. This is classic British metal that rivals the works of bands like Samson, Angel Witch and Praying Mantis. If there is any draw back it is the fact that their are only the four numbers and it leaves you wanted more. With the band now reunited let us hope that more good things are yet to come from Deep Machine. After all the ups and downs this lot went through they deserve it!


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