Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aittala-Haunt your flesh


Aittala is the project of songwriter/musician Eric Aittala. I remember hearing Aittala's previous album "Bed of thorns" last year. It had promise, but there were clunky parts and a very rough production. Eric Aittala obviously spent some time over the last year or so sharpening his writing and his playing because the album shows a definite improvement in both. The style is somewhere between metal and hard rock with both older and newer influences mixed throughout. The is a definite dark mood to many songs, but Aittala seem very comfortable in that realm and the lyrics help to shape that approach as well. Eric isn't a superb vocalist, but he can convey emotion and his voice works well on these songs. The biggest improvement I hear from the last album is just how smoothly the music and vocals handle pace changes. On the previous album this was a real stumbling point on several songs, but this time around everything has been worked out and the songs flow so well. Still hope that Aittala keeps moving forward and growing, but a vast improvement this time around.

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