Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crowned Warrior-Demo Cuts


Kemptville, ON, CA is home to the one man band known as Crowned Warrior. A Christian power metal act it's one and only member is Steve Mark Phillips. While it might not have started out as a solo project various members left and circumstances changed making Crowned Warrior Steve's lone project. Steve was influenced by not only traditional metal icons like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and solo Ozzy but also bands like Led Zeppelin, Rush, Queen, Yes and Deep Purple. It would be Randy Rhodes though who make the biggest impact on Steve as a guitarist. After spending time in various secular rock bands Steve would hit a low point in 1986. Having abused drugs and alcohol Steve was burned out. Close friend and drummer Hany Bishay stepped in and after Steve gave his heart to Christ he became a changed man. Determined to not only make a difference, but also play Christian heavy metal that was both heavy and real Steve formed Crowned Warrior in 2007. While drums were originally handled by Hany these days it is just Steve. Obviously Steve is a real fan of power metal first and foremost as Crowned Warrior delivers positive messages that are wrapped up in well crafted hard and heavy music. His music draws from old school heavy metal (new demo track "Thunderous Dawn" has a killer NWOBHM feel), but still feels somewhat modern. The classic power metal on display in cuts like "Thief In The Night" feels natural. "Fall On The Rock" comes off like it had been pulled out of 1980's and given an updated heavy metal treatment. Considering the fact that Steve handles all of the instruments himself this is some splendid power metal. It has a low-budget charm all it's own. Much like 80's heavy metal bands Crowned Warrior plays with conviction. The production is fairly standard which only adds to the appeal. Christian or not Crowned Warrior deliver the type of heavy metal that a lot of other bands only dream about. This is the type of heavy metal that too many have forgot all about.It has passion and power. With some work and a full band Steve could be onto something. Currently he is working with a management company called Incubator Creative Group. Their purpose is to help new artists like Crowned Warrior establish their music ministry, both artistically and as a business. Let's hope that Crowned Warrior gets that help because Christian heavy metal needs more acts like this. Too many new Christians acts are all about modern metal. With Crowned Warrior traditional heavy and power metal are on full display. Between that and a positive message it's hard to go wrong. You can check out Crowned Warrior for yourself below.



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