Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Glorior Belli-The Great Southern Darkness Three-Song Sampler

Metal Blade

Glorior Belli are a French black metal outfit that was formed in 2002. The Great Southern Darkness will be their fourth full-length album and from the sounds of this three-song sampler it is going to be quite good. While opener "Secret Ride To Rebellion" is nothing more than common black metal the other two cuts here left me wanting to hear more. "Negative Incarnate" brings in elements of classic heavy metal while the title cut has an almost gothic/alternative rock edge. While both of these cuts have your typical black metal landmarks (shrieking vocals from hell) they bring in these different sounds making them way more than just interesting. The production is clear for the most part although it does have a fuzzed out back end to it that makes it sound as if it was made sometime in the late 70s. This is another example of black metal on the edge and honestly these are the sort of black metal bands I get most excited about listening too.


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