Monday, August 22, 2011

Neurosis-Sovereign EP [2011 reissue]

Neurot Recordings

Given the fact that Neurosis has been offering up reissues of their back catalog it was only a matter of time before they got to this EP. This EP was the first release that Neurosis would issue through their newly founded Neurot Recordings although the vinyl releases were handled by Hydra Head. Sovereign was released after 1999’s Times Of Grace and served as a short pit-stop if you will for the band before they put out 2001’s A Sun That Never Sets. Seeing as Times Of Grace and A Sun That Never Sets were both such well received albums one would think that Sovereign should follow in it's steps. Yes and no. While there are some brilliant ideas present here as a whole Sovereign seems a bit out of focus. Sometimes this can happen with EPs. "Prayer" for me is a shade too grey and it sums up part of the problem I have with Sovereign. While I love how Neurosis has always done the soft/loud/soft/loud bit "Prayer" just drones on a tad too long. "An Offering" has that same problem although "Flood" I've always liked. The title cut and the new bonus track “Misgiven" both offer prime Neurosis for me. While this EP might not be essential it is nonetheless a good example of how Neurosis was always trying to push the bounds of their music. For that reason alone Sovereign remains a unique listen.


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