Thursday, June 13, 2013

Massive Audio Nerve-Cancer Vulgaris

Dead End Exit Records

Leave it to the Swedes to give us something like Massive Audio Nerve. Where do we begin with this 4-piece? Nu Metal? Well, yes and no. I mean not really. Nu Metal is there, but then so is metalcore. There's also some progressive metal, but it's more Djent then anything. It's sort of like Prong, System Of A Down and White Zombie merged their collective consciences together and looked toward Slipnot and Korn for influence, but they didn't go full-fledged into that groove...thankfully. Utterly heavy, with some of that wonderful, bottom-end, thick ass bass-playing, this LP is sort of like the bull in a china shop. Brutality destroying everyday beauty amidst lots of dust and carnage. That heavy as hell bass-playing only helps to make the sound of Massive Audio Nerve all the more huge. With slashing guitars constantly crashing the party (In a oh so good way!)  "Cancer Vulgaris" ends up being as much a true heavy metal album as it does  a crunchy platter that is, in the end, after the assault is over with and you have a chance to collect yourself, extremely rhythmic and down-right pulsating! Could this be rave metal? Perhaps, either way though alternative metal fans will want to check this one out as well as those who enjoy metal with a more mechanical nature. A word of warning though folks. This is the kind of metal that could result in the utter collapse of society and/or random spontaneous human combustion!  

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