Friday, June 07, 2013

Panndora-Behind the Crime


It was some months ago that I followed up on a suggestion that I needed to track down this 3-track EP. As a fan of female-fronted heavy metal/all women metal bands this one held the promise of being right up my alley. Panndora's "Behind the Crime" actually follows in the footsteps of the band's second full-length album,  "Heretic's Box" which I do plan to cover down the road a bit. With that said I've got to admit to the fact that I had half-forgot about asking for this promo material when I got a message that it was on it's way. Panndora were nice enough to send me their "Heretic's Box" as a bonus so I thank them for that in advance. As the group hails from Maringá, Paraná (Brazil) the bulk of material (in regards to info about the band) is not in English, but that doesn't really have any effect on the group in general so no biggie. This all-ladies heavy metal act was formed in 2000 and, per the Metal Archives, were initially known as Wind Of Fate. This 3 track EP was recorded at Refrão Studio and Burn Studio (Maringá-PR) in 2012 with one of the tracks, "Cold Eyes", getting the royal music video treatment at the start of 2013. Said video is linked below. So, you might be asking yourself "Self, what makes Panndora tick?" and the answer to that is STRAIGHT-UP ASS-KICKING METAL! The influences range from the obvious/big name bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Kiss, Twisted Sister and AC/DC to the more subtle/not so-much big name groups like Doro/Warlock, Acid, Warlord, Running Wild, Vixen, Grim Reaper, Quiet Riot, Wasp and Grave Digger. Some folks have always drawn connections to the sound of Sacred Blade which I wouldn't deny, but I'd add on the likes of Omen, Exxplorer, Leatherwolf, Sacred Rite and Lizzy Borden. In other words these 4 ladies flat-out slay the metal dragon! If there's a downside to be had it's the short length. It leaves you primed and ready for more, but you're left longing. Thankfully I still have the other album to dig into so I won't fall into that trap myself. As these lovely metal maidens are from Brazil mainstream success will be a challenge for them, but others have done it before and, with the right label and promotional department behind them, Panndora could very easily break out to! For more information be sure to check out their Facebook page and the band's own site. (video of "Cold Eyes")

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