Sunday, June 02, 2013

Wizard Castle-Snow and Gold

Tridroid Records

Let's give credit where credit is do. For a one man operation Tridroid Records has manged to snag some sweet ass bands to it's roster. The latest one is Chicago's Wizard Castle who, in addition to having another really kick ass band name, play some of the tastiest heavy metal/sludge rock I've heard in some time! Formed in 2009, this 4-piece act is what you'd get if you took the bastard offspring of Clutch and Black Sabbath and infused them with the DNA of old-school punk's pissed off and pissed upon mentality. While the production is by no means classic for a demo it's better then one might expect. With only 5 songs this EP never outstays it's welcome but instead just comes in, says what it needs to say and then leaves the listener smiling at the garage metal assault its just laid witness to. Defiantly worth checking out if you're into stoner rock/metal.

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