Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fair Warning-Sundancer

Steamhammer / SPV

Fair Warning are one of those groups that might be long-standing heroes of melodic rock in places like Europe and Japan, but here in the States they hardly ever get mentioned. Of course that's if they get mentioned at all. While the name might ring a bell, as it did for me when I saw the promo, tracking down long-lost memories of this German group can prove to be frustrating. With that being the case and all I walked right into "Sundancer", plugged in, and let the LP take me where it would. The band, now in their 23rd year of existence it looks like, was formed back in 1991 by former V2 member Tommy Heart (vocals) and former Zeno member Ule W. Ritgen (bass). For "Sundancer" the same group that was responsible for their 1992 self-titled debut is together here with Heart and Ritgen being joined by Helge Engelke (guitar) and CC Behrens (drums). That's fairly impressive one could say as these days it sure seems as if most bands end up having line-up changes album after album. These German rockers have the same core in place and, when it comes right down to it, that consistency makes for a very fluid sound. Admittedly Fair Warning new LP doesn't offer much for heavy metal fans, but for those who enjoy solid radio rock or melodic hard rock then this 15-track release should make you smile. With a production that isn't overly flashy, while still coming across smooth and accessible, these rockers carry out their goal of having fun and giving their die-hard fans another LP to warm their hearts. This German melodic rock/ hard rock band might not be able to break through here in the states with "Sundancer", but this new 15-track affair is perfectly suited for all those that love rock n' roll with a bit of a rough edge.

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