Monday, May 27, 2013

Tumbleweed Dealer-Tumbleweed Dealer


Tumbleweed Dealer is a new entity that features the pair of (well-traveled music veteran) Seb Painchaud (Unquintessence, Vatican, Winter Bestowed, Trails of Anguish, The Last Felony and what seems like a million other groups & projects!) and Carl Borman (Dopethrone, Downtrodden). This self-titled affair is the group's universal unveiling and, as it is presents a spell-binding sense of oddity, it is quite the treat! Yes, odd and spell-binding has to be the right words I'm searching for as this 7-track release scratches a itch that I never knew I had! Given the pair involved it wouldn't be all that surprising to find out that this one is a little left of center, but when you discover all the weird ingredients here...well, it's speaks for itself I'd say. So, what exactly are we dealing with then on Tumbleweed Dealer's first full length album? Well, the basic ingredient is stoner rock which, in and of itself, is nothing unusual. Even the addition of blues, doom and drone isn't that much of a head-scratcher. However, when you toss a pinch of western music things take an interesting turn right into the twilight zone of rock music! So, it’s a mix and match of stoner rock, blues rock, doom, drone and western music we find ourselves with and, you know what, it's all rather cool and, dare I say, yeah it's kinda hip! Seb Painchaud  and Carl Borman have created something really unique and interesting here. What strikes me the most about this album though is how this would make for a very cool soundtrack to a movie. It certainly has that feel. As these tracks unfold (splitting the landscape in half with a splash of vibrant colors!) you feel this journey opening up in front of you where anything and everything is possible. This is a remarkable album that's sure to find repeated listens in my household!

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