Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kobra and the Lotus-Kobra and the Lotus

Kobra Music Inc./Universal Music Canada Inc./Simmons Records

This is another album that I meant to review some weeks back, but life got in the way. Damn you life LOL! What makes it worse is that I had jotted down notes for this self-titled release, but along the way I simply lost them. It is what it is though and, as I listen to this new album again, I'm well reminded how much I enjoyed this 11-track release. Anyway, with my other notes lost I'll start things off with two fresh points. With Kobra and the Lotus this is more proof that A) Canadian hard rock and heavy metal is alive, well and thriving and B) It sure seems as if we're not going to run out of female-fronted heavy metal acts anytime soon! Lead by the beautiful Kobra Page (who is reportedly a classical trained pianist!) this 5-piece band plays a brand of heavy metal that owes a huge debt to NWOBHM bands as diverse as Iron Maiden and Satanic Rites as they do 80's metal acts like Acid, Toxic, Steel Vengeance and Torch. More then anything though Kobra and the Lotus lean on Iron Maiden as well as Judas Priest and Dio. That being what it is and all at least these rockers do it well. It's not a perfect album though as some of their influences do end up a little too close for comfort (Iron Maiden riffs are recycled here) and a few cuts sound strikingly familiar. Worst of all Kobra and the Lotus ride the retro rail a little too much meaning you get a band that sounds more 80s then 80s influenced at times. With work and time they should be able to knock that vibe loose though as, even with those momentary lapses into retro-land, the talent is obvious and the music, even as a retro-loving metal feast, is fun to listen to. This self-titled release is a rare example of how a band can do something wrong (retro-worshiping too much) and still end up with a cool release. Worth checking out if your into hard-rocking heavy metal with female vocalists.

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