Thursday, May 23, 2013

Current Playlist

For those who checked in last week you'd have noticed that I didn't get to a Current Playlist. For that matter I didn't get a lot of reviews posted either. Last Friday I ended up watching a 2 year old for the day and, as tomorrow holds the same fate, I'm posting this today. I'm hoping I'll get more reviews done next week. With Summer soon upon us things will get busy (especially when you're a single parent of teens!) so I am looking to push stuff out now and, man alive, do I ever have a lot of stuff sitting around for review! When I started writing for Heavy Metal Time Machine it was to help take some of the pressure off of Metal Mark. Here we are and I find myself in the same boat! Over the past 2 weeks I've gotten more promos then I've ever seen so I'll be trying to cram a bunch in. That means they might be shorter then normal, but it all adds up to the same thing either way! With that here's my list...

Listening to:
Sacred Reich-Surf Ignorance
Lyadrive-Another Time, Another Place
Axe Attack Compilation
Parkside Steelworks Compilation
White Witch-A Spiritual Gathering
Sign Of The Jackal-Beyond
Mercy House-Broken State Of Bliss
Ignorance-The Confident Rat
Wrath-Nothing To Fear
Satan-Life Sentence

Dr Giggles
Forever Evil
Warehouse 13
Sisters Of Death
The Wild Man of the Navidad

The Official Splatter Movie Guide

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Blogger Metal Mark said...

I bought the Ignorance one on tape when it came out and played it to death. The tape broke. I got it on CD maybe 11-12 years ago for a buck and wasn't as impressed by it. I like that Wrath album a lot.
I was listening to various CDs from these-
Twisted Sister
Ghouls night out
Famous Monsters
Jackie Papers

8:37 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

I picked up "Surf Ignorance" just to get a CD copy of "Surf Nicaragua" which I've always dug. The Wrath album is a re-release and comes with both of their recordings and a live DVD. Just like the M-16 re-release it features a nice package and improved production Mark.

6:41 AM  

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