Saturday, May 18, 2013


Underly Records, Reality Records and Venombase Records

When it comes to an album like "Loverdoes" yes, it takes the cooperation of 3 record labels coming together to release it! On their new release, number 8 in their short career, London's Subset offer up 14 tracks of high energy rock and roll/heavy metal that channel's everyone from Bad Religion to STP! That's 14 tracks with not a dud to be found among the bunch! But, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself (as per usual!) so, let's do a roll back and start from the beginning. Subset actually started out playing live in 2009. At the time they had no money to their name and no real resources. Their first tour, back in 2010, was even done without the aide of having their own van to transport them from one gig to the next! And it wasn't like these four gentlemen where just playing a hand-full of gigs here and there or anything. In fact, since playing out back in 2009, these rockers have become one of the hardest working bands to come out of London! Now that says something! Well, here it is 2013 and Subset, as stated above, are on release number 8! Now, while math was not always my strong suit, I believe that averages out to 2 releases a year!As this band is constantly on the road just when did they find the time to knock out 8 different releases? I wish I knew their secret to time management or had even a 1/3 of their apparent energy! Who am I kidding, I settle for 1/5 of it! Anyway, while I had planned to do a track by track breakdown in the end I decided it just wasn't all that necessary as all the tracks converge to create a classic rock release! I've already listened to this one several times through and, as I'm about to embark on a short 2 hour trek to a girlfriend's house, I plan to burn a cop for the road trip ahead. Why? Well, with their classic take on rock (by way of everything from punk rock and roll to post-grunge/radio rock) this one is custom built for the road...or your next party. It's just that kind of rock release. It's cool and hip like some new college rock band or hipster band without all the pomp and dress up! Why I'm just now hearing about these London rockers in another mystery in a life that holds far too many. But, I'm hearing about them now and spreading the love. This one is fun and laid back while never taking it's foot off of the peddle. "Loverdoes" could be called alt. rock or post-grunge/modern hard rock. It could be called garage rock or be looked at as more hipster rock. Whatever. The names not that important. What matters is that "Loverdose" is one for the records folks! Or, at the very least, the record collection! Good job Subset. Good job indeed. 

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