Friday, May 10, 2013

Current Playlist

Good times, bad times, we've all had our fair share. This past week or so was a little of both. Thankfully good music and bad movies help to see me through.

Listening to:

Speed Limit-Unchained/Prophecy

Dead Kennedys-Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death (This was my first taste of the Dead Kennedys when I picked it up on tape in high school. Snagged a used copy at a used bookstore in the college town of Kent)

Shock-Once Denied

Bishop Steel-Die To Live It!

Kruk-Before He'll Kill You (Retro-loving hard rockers!)

Shock-Heavy Metal We Salute You... (Different Shock)

Kobra and the Lotus-Kobra and the Lotus (Hope to review soon...)

Virtue-We Stand To Fight

Blitz-Do The Blitz

Grateful Dead-American Beauty Expanded Edition (Stunning album!)


The Breakfast Club
The Haunting In Connecticut
Wrong Turn 1 & 2
Scream Theater Volume 7
Street Fighter

Tales Of Old-Time Texas

What are you listening to?

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