Monday, May 13, 2013

Chains-Dancing With My Demons 7"

Svart Records

Chains was formed in 2010 by Etienne "Hellscream" Chelleri (Bleeding Fist, Naberius ). With Chains he is known as E. Chains and, prior to the recording of this limited 7", he handled all of the instruments and vocals. joined by Hour of 13's Lord Samhain. On "Dancing With My Demons" Lord Samhain, who actually joined up with E. Chains after the release of Chains' sole full-length recording, "Of Death", plays drums and end the result is rather chilling and eerie.  Reportedly earlier recordings (which also included the 9+ minute demo/single "All the Colors of the Dark") where similar in nature to Sunn O))), Moss and Urfaust, only with the added elements of 70's horror movies. Those 2 releases certainly sound like they would be worthwhile tracking down as the earlier recording were also said to be influenced by bands like Death SS and Paul Chain! Here though the music, which has this musty vibe to it, come creeping out slowing like a ghoulish skeleton from an old 70's Euro-thriller! On this 2-track release Chains experiments with not only drone and doom elements, but vintage death rock and horror rock. Toss in some dark metal and give the whole thing a ghoulish vibe and you've got "Dancing With My Demons".  With another full-length album due out in either 2013 or 2014 this 2-track 7" only serves as an appetizer for all the ghouls and boys out there!

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