Thursday, May 16, 2013

Noisem-Agony Defined

A389 Recordings

Here's the deal folks. This LP was actually released in 2012 under the band's previous moniker, Necropsy. Baltimore-based A389 Recordings scoped this album up for a re-release and, more then likely in an effort to differentiate themselves from the 4,000 other bands known as Necropsy, the band opted for the name change. I'd argue that was a good call for this Baltimore-based 5-piece as it will definitely help them stand out more on the world stage. This relatively young act was formed in 2008 with "Agony Defined" being their sole-recording. While the group might be young, both as a band and age-wise (all of these gents are YOUNG with bassist Yago Ventura (born in 1993) being the old man of the bunch!) there is a real sense of maturity from this group.Vocalist Tyler Carnes (Bloodlust, Cremator) is a real threat on the mic and the band, which is filled out by guitarists Sebastian Phillips & Travis Stone and drummer Harley Phillips (who is the same age as my teenage daughter!), play with such conviction and integrity (not to mention skill level!) that you'd swear they had been kicking things up for much longer then their brief existence! Sound-wise this is death/thrash along the lines of early Sepultura, Kreater, early Slayer, At War, Morbid Angel and early Artillery. Toss in some Demolition Hammer, Forbidden, early Sodom and Nuclear Assault and what you end up with a simply wicked 9-track album! While I'm not surprised that younger musicians can sound this wicked, as I know of other young musicians in thrash bands, I am surprised that this is the first time I'm hearing about this Baltimore-based act. If this is what they have to offer at this young junction of their lives then the sky's the limits for Noisem! Recommend for fans of any of the aforementioned acts or those that just like hell-spawned twisted death/thrash!

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