Thursday, May 16, 2013

Septekh-Apollonian Eyes EP

Abyss Records

What should one reasonably expect while looking over this EP? I wouldn't blame you if you didn't know as I didn't know and, as such & everything being equal (and blah, blah) I sat on this 4-track release until it started to get ripe and smell! It might have been laziness or the worry that it would be dreadful. Man, I don't know. You'd think the tag, "dirty trashy death metal" might have appealed to me or even the talking points of "influenced by Motörhead & Black Sabbath", but nope, I skipped this one and just now got my crap in order to listen to and review this EP. And? Well, offhand you could call it a punk rawk Motörhead with more of a deathly vocalist. Said vocalist, Nils Grznls Mesekeother, leads this 4-piece band (Guitarist David Wikström, Bassist Patrik Ström and Drummer Staffan Persson round things out) through 15 minutes of the death n' roll, trash metal that's neither great nor ghastly.  If anything this third EP from Sweden's Septekh just goes to show that garage metal can be found anywhere around the world.

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