Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rusted Brain-High Voltage Thrash

Slaney Records*

Warsaw-based Rusted Brain, who possess a killer name for a metal band, are a relatively new outfit having formed back in 2009. The group issued a 9-track demo, "Juggler", in 2011 with "High Voltage Thrash" being their full-length debut album. While the title gives away what Poland's Rusted Brain are all about (ie. fast and furious, high voltage thrash) theirs is a sound firmly rooted in the 80's scene. Metallica's "Kill Em' All" is the most obvious influence of this 4-piece act, but the band does toss in elements of Exodus, Razor, Overkill and Slayer to keep things churning in the right direction. Here and there you'll find some nwobhm moments (Iron Maiden and Satan come to mind), but all in all this is raw thrash and damn, is it every fine! Rumcayz (Damian Lodowski) handles vocals and bass on the album and his style can be traced back to underground death/thrash acts of the 80s. Rogal (Przemek Rogalski) takes care of lead and rhythm guitars and backing vocals while Kretu (Michal Czerniakowski) joins him as they shred through lead solos like Freddy Kruger slashing up his latest victim. Meanwhile drummer Beny (Benedykt Zwoliński)bashes the hell out of his set and as these four whip everything into a frenzied assault all you can do is stand back and enjoy the show! Again, my copy came from Tridoid Records and hearing "High Voltage Thrash" on headphones transported me back to high school and a time when these sort of bands were coming up the pipe-line faster then the speed of light! For old-school thrash fanatics this is a no-brainer!

*Cassette version released on Tridoid Records

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