Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stone Orange-The Dreamcatcher

Street Symphonies Records

"The Dreamcatcher" is the second full-length release from the Slovenian 4-piece known as Stone Orange. Having formed in 2003 the band went out on the road to make a name for themselves until finally, 4 years later in 2007, they released their debut album. On "The Dreamcatcher" the name of the game is eighties style melodic hard rock and yes, they play that game hard! Lead by vocalist/guitarist Marko Erjavec this Ljubljana-based act pulls you back in time with cuts like "Pride And Pain" and before you know if you're having flashbacks of  MTV, big hair, leather pants and sing-along choruses that seemed to go on forever! Stone Orange is completed by guitarist Tomo Jurca, bassist Davorin Kovačič and drummer Vid Zgonc and, while it's not going to blow your socks of or anything, "The Dreamcatcher" is 11 tracks of melodic hard rock that's been loving soaked in eighties charm. Of the cuts I loved the softer "Pride And Pain" as well as the album's first single, "Nobody Cares", which comes off as a cross between Kiss  and the hair metal act Slaughter.

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