Monday, May 27, 2013

John Gält-Served Hot

Street Symphonies Records

Is there any other way to serve it then hot? I've got to say that of the pile of promos that showed up one day in my mailbox that this one caught my eye for obvious reasons! As I went to put this one in the old CD player though I did expect that John Gält was an artist and not a band. I didn't realize that they took their name from a character in Atlas Shrugged until I happened to flip through the press release. My bad. Anyway, this my friends is what you'd get if you drew a line between the everyman metal that is Motörhead and the sleazy punk of early Mötley Crüe. Mind you their not as heavy and nasty as Lemmy and his boys, but they're also not covered head to toe in make-up and spandex either! John Gält, who were formed in the summer of 2010, came to prominence thanks to a 2011 3-track EP called "First Run" and now, with this 10-track album rocking n' rattling through my speakers, this Ukrainian act has a new fan in yours truly. With glam and sleazy hard rock making a slight bit of a comeback I can see this young band, who are lead by vocalist/guitarist Ostap Molyavko (who sounds all the world like a cross between Axl Rose and Dave Mustaine!) catching on with fans here in the states. Actually, I can easily see John Gält, which is rounded out by guitarist Ivan Rybnikov, bassist/backing vocalist Alexandr Sedov and drummer Sergi Telipko, hitting all the right notes on a worldwide basis thanks to catchy songs and a nice punkish attitude. This one is spot-on for fans of  sleazy hard rock and/or glam metal, but "Served Hot" should also appeal to garage metal freaks as well!

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