Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Metal Law-Lawbreaker (Second Edition)

Metal On Metal Records

Germany's Metal Law began life back in 1997 as Reudig. Under that name the group released the 2004 LP "Hunter & Prey". After a brief name change to Rapid Fire in 2005 they settled on Metal Law in 2006. At the tail end of 2007 the group released  their debut-album, "Night of the Wolf", before issuing this sophomore release in 2008. Now, 5 years later, the good folks at Metal On Metal Records have seen fit to re-release this sold-out album in a remastered form and with 3 bonus cuts tacked on for extra emphasis! Looking at the revamped album-art (chains have been added as a cool frame) you'd be under the impression that this is heavy metal at it's purest and really, for arguments sake, it is! Metal Law wear their influences rather proudly so no one can really proclaim that these guys rock out with originality. Fellow-Germanic bands like Accept, Running Wild, Sinner and Stormwitch are all close cousins to Metal Law's sound although the likes of Judas Priest, Manowar and Iron Maiden are not that far from the gene pool. Even if these Germans wear their influences pretty close to their sleeves it's all in good fun. "Lawbreaker", which is over 60 minutes now with the 3 bonus cuts, is clearly played with passion and enthusiasm so, even if it's not technically going to bowl people over with it's originality, it's got enough going for it metal-wise and fist-in-the -air-wise to make for a really easy listen!.

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