Friday, May 31, 2013

Grift-Fyra elegier


There's nothing creepy about this one. No, not at all. There's only the art work that gives me chills and the every creeping melancholic metal that gives me pause. Grift, which is a Swedish duo, formed back in 2011 and somehow (perhaps by tapping into everything that is unholy?) have issued an album that sounds like every nightmare and childhood fear I've ever had! With Perditor (Orcivus, Arfsynd) on vocals and strings, and J. Hallbäck (Flagellant) handling the drums there's a simplistic vibe to this album and yet it's some of the coldest metal I've experienced in sometime. With Swedish lyrics in place there's not much to go on as far as topics go although the promo does share that this release is all about "mans' insignificance and everything unimaginable before Death's triumph." Yeah, that's not bleak or anything! Worth tracking down if you're one of those people who sees the world for the damned place it really is.

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