Thursday, May 30, 2013

PsychoBliss-Dreams of Dystopia

Tridroid Records

Here we've got another self-release album getting a cassette release courtesy of Tridroid Records. It's unfortunate though that, unlike previous albums I've reviewed from this solid metal label, this one is severely lacking in direction and execution. This Phoenix, Arizona act tries for a gothic, dark metal sound but ends up with a far-too tiring exercise in patience. There are a few bright spots though like vocalist Kyla Pavelsk. Her vocals are perfectly suited for this kind of dark and depressing metal as she comes across as a haunted spirit. Between that and the overall concept (gothic, doom-laded dark metal with black metal elements sounds quite promising on paper to these ears) you've got a band that COULD work down the road. Right now though it's as if they've got 25% of the puzzle in place, but the other pieces are all jumbled up!

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Anonymous PsychoBliss said...

Thanks for the review. The feedback has been mixed for Dreams of Dystopia, but we're taking all the criticism and putting it to good use.

A few months after the EP release, we came out with a single called "The Escape of the Dead". It's on Youtube if you want to check it out. We feel like it's a much better example of where we were trying to go with DOD.

10:55 AM  

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