Saturday, June 01, 2013

Current Playlist

Well, another working week has ended. As usual mine had it's ups and downs. Sometimes they were on the same day! While my heart melted hearing my daughter sing the opening to an Adele song at her spring choir concert that say day I saw a friend/musician get put through the ringer personally and professionally. That is never a good thing to see happening. That said it is the weekend and, with family coming into town and school events left and right, my posts might be irregular from here on out for a little while.

Listening to:

Lionheart-Unearthed-Raiders Of The Lost Archives
The Punisher Movie Soundtrack
Trigger Zone-Bone Crusher
Dumpster Juice-That Not So Fresh Feeling
Generation X-Perfect Hits-1975-1981
Fifth Angel-Time Will Tell
Metal For Muthas-Vol. 2
Satan-Court in the Act
Goatess-Goatess (Review coming sometime...)
Blind Fury-Out Of Reach

Frankenstein Created Woman
Puppetmaster Box Set

Tales Of The Old Time West



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