Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deathchain-Ritual Death Metal

Svart Records

This is the sixth album for Finland's Deathchain and, besides featuring what I'd call a perfect death metal name, it continues on the fine tradition of having either the word "dead" or "death"  in the title. And you know what? This band bleeds death metal so it makes sense to have them associating with such "after life" subjects. As it's been 3 years since the group's last offering of "Death Gods" you'd think fans would be more then eager for more of this group's unholy mayhem. Their quenching thirst for nasty death metal should be appeased by this release. Even for a death metal release this is some heavy, heavy stuff. At times these guys almost come off as surging towards grindcore, but it never quite hits that kind of grizzled guitar assaulting. Is thrash metal considered the sweet spot then? Maybe it's a triple terror threat that their going for here with the sweet combination of death, thrash and grind? That could and would be the ticket and it only get's all the better when you  find out that Entombed's LG Petrov stops by to visit on one of the tracks. By that point 5 tracks has passed already and from the looks of it Deathchain has already left a lot of devastation and destruction in their wake so said track, the killer "Like Worms Upon The Lands", comes across like the final bit of murderous mayhem. What's that? There's still 2 tracks left after "Like Worms Upon The Lands"? Whether your ears are equipped to carry on by that point is the real question. Especially as there is like NO QUESTION AT ALL about how much straight-for-the-throat death metal is always on my menu!

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