Thursday, July 04, 2013

Savior From Anger-Age of Decadence

My graveyard Productions

Here we've got an Italian act that is speed metal, power metal and thrash all rolled up into a neat little package. This two-man project is composed of Marco Ruggiero (In Aevum Agere, ex-Nameless Crime, ex-Landguard) on lead vocals, guitar and bass and Michele Coppola (ex-Entropy, ex-Wisdom) on drums. With a sound that combines slightly more modern metal (not "modern metal" as a genre, but metal that is modern in nature!) with an appreciation for 80's metal (since everyone's doing that these days why not an Italian group as well) this one was a smooth enough listening experience all around even if it didn't exactly bowl me over. It's sort of weird to hear Bay Area influences popping up on an album from Italy it must be said. At least musically that is as the vocals of Marco Ruggiero, while being slightly Halford in style, offer up more of a straight 80's metal vibe. As is this ones a "you're so close, but not quite there" album.

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